No Gotland

Hello! We tried to get to Gotland yesterday but didn’t make it. We thought that the winds would be good but we misjudged that for sure. During the first couple of hours everything went well but then the winds picked up and the waves got really big. Teresa got seasick and at one point our dinghy Wasa rolled over and submerged. We managed to get her back and on the right keel, but it was stressful. We had to roll the genua in but lost speed instead. With too low speed and Gotland too far away we decided to turn back. All in all it was a tough day but a good experience I think. It’s no point sailing like that, just fighting the waves. Sofia did good though and felt safe all the way – atleast for me.

We will not make a new run for Gotland. We will go back towards mainland and head south instead to regain our confidence and lick our wounds.

Take care!