Ups and downs

Hello people!
I messed up and put the swedish post on the english version.

Anyway, last day we finally left home. The picture above shows the place where we rested for the night, a beautiful small Island with loads of mosquitos.


Yesterday was long and emotional. My family was on board for the first hour and when we left and continued I got really sad. My smaller brother started to cry when we got going and I became devastated. Laura had to steer the boat while I cried and sobbed and she did really well considering that I had not told her where to go or how to steer.

In the end I managed to pull myself together and we had a nice day of sailing.
We ended up on Svenskär, and I went around the island, climbing and jumping the rocks as a small kid. It was fun and I felt again that this is good for me, even though it is hard to leave loved ones behind.

Right now, friday at lunch, the wind has totally stopped and we’re just floating around in the sea, with land some way off. We could start the engine but I think it’s good to learn the art of patience.

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  1. Hi!! So nice to read about my sister!! I’ll be following your posts daily so keep us updated! Please send my love to her and have a great journey! Mariana

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