From Laura

I asked Laura if she wanted to write something for the blog, mainly for other couchsurfers I guess. I got the text a couple of days ago and thought I should upload it. Here it is, from Laura:

I spent five days on Sofia with Isak. I first contacted him through Couchsurfing, came to meet him in Kramfors, got along great. The experience was amazing, I was hoping to go sailing before I left Sweden and Sofia made my trip worthwhile. Some days with the wind we needed to go straight south, some days just fighting against it, trying to go around it zigzagging, some other day just lying on the boat for two to three hours waiting for the wind to blow… sleeping or reading under the sun, enjoying the noise of the water while it moved Sofia… “That’s sailing” said Isak, smiling. And that is sailing: ability to adjust, think and rethink logically what you can do with the boat to catch more wind, patience. And, finally, enjoying the view, the sunset every night you find a piece of land where you can take shelter, how the water slowly calms down when the boat is approaching towards it. And the colors, the combination of water, clouds, islands and a few houses around… Postcard beautiful. And of course, Isak’s company, you really have to click with someone to be able to spend days together without annoying each other, and I think Isak and me understood what it was that each of us wanted, and so could let the other enjoy Sofia the way he or she wanted to, and that was the most important thing for me, I wasn’t bothered by anything during the trip, except maybe for the amount of things I broke on the boat (have to be really careful moving around on a bumpy trip). And to be able to stir, get the sails up, take the ropes in and so on. I have a lot of bruises on my legs from trying to stand straight while the wind was blowing almost perfectly for sailing, and I also have lots of pictures of it and I just have to close my eyes to see them, remember the feeling of drinking tea while the cold wind blows on your face… Very “skönt”. Thank you Isak and Sofia.