A short update

It’s been a week since I wrote last time. Time really flies! Even though I’ve been inactive here on my homepage I’ve got stuff done in real life. I’m teaching to the best of my abilities and in my free time I work on the boat and practice football.

I’ve bought things to make the electrical system neat and that’s what I’m working on right now. I have never done anything like it before, so it takes some time. But I’m learning and I think it will come out really nice!

The only problem, which is a small one, is that the plastic cover on top of the boat is leaking. So every time it has rained or snowed (which it has done quite a lot the last days) I have had to get the water out with a small pump so it doesn’t freeze and break anything on deck. But I hope the weather will turn around soon and bring some warmth and sunshine.

So, to sum it all up: Life is good! Johan won a big journalistic reward today as well, so I think he’s happy too.

So long!