The inspiration


We arrived in Fyrudden late last night. I had contact during the day with Simon from but when we arrived he had already gone to sleep. Luckily I met him straight away in the morning during my early shower. Before I set off I had spoken with Simon a couple of times but it’s always nice to meet in real life too. He gave me tons of good advice and spoke pretty much about fishing from the boat. He showed me this youtube video they shot during their trip.

It seems that the people on my boat are going fishing as well. Lets just pray fish like that don’t make it alive into the boat, because that would be the end of everything.

I met some other nice fellows in the harbour too. One guy had this dream-vessel. A Hallberg-Rassy 372. I got myself invited there and he was very nice this Tim. It might end up with him joining me somewhere down in Europe.

Simon said that he gained some pounds during his travel. I feel I’m going down the same path. We eat tons and don’t work out at all.

Ok. Bye!