On track again

I’ve been overwhelmed with my projekt during some time, but now I feel that I’m back in control. Too much reading of books and discussion groups on the internet can apparently screw you over. All the different opinions and pieces of advice turn me into a passive captain.

This Saturday I went to the harbour to speak with some experienced people and they made me feel easier at heart. When I asked them about changing my rig and showed them the wires they thought I was silly, and one of them started cursing loudly. ”Never in hell that you need to replace those!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. So I think I’ve now settled for the old rigging – which indeed looks brand new – and can spend that money on something else.

We also spoke some about painting the bottom, and found a scratch on the bottom of the keel. This small damaged section is now priority number one in the project. I will take care of it tomorrow, then go on with refinishing the topsides and painting the bottom. Then I will hopefully be ready to put Sofia back in the water and take it from there.

So long!