Like a nice bolt from the blue

I was in south Sweden last week, buying stuff for the boat. On the way back north, one of my cousins called me out of the blue. We don’t talk on the phone very often, but this day he just wanted to talk to me apparently. He lives in Uppsala and I decided to stay there for the night. That very same night my friend Johan informed me that he quit the project. I talked to Marcus (my cousin) about it and offered him, as I do with most people, to join me for a while on the boat, and he seemed interested in joining for some days or weeks.

Yesterday he called me back and told me that he has decided to join for at least a month. Great news! He will get on board in the middle or late of July, and stay until his studies starts again in the end of August. That means I have company through the English channel and hopefully when crossing the Bay of Biscay. That is if we can keep my schedule.

I see it as a very fortunate sign that he called me on that particular day and that everything went down as it did.