Danish beer



We reached Denmark yesterday, and celebrated with some cold beers. Today I’m a bit hungover, even though I only drank five, but I’m still happy. The weather is super. The sun is shining, the winds have turned and we have a solid plan.


This picture is from yesterday. We went with the engine since the winds did not let us sail to Denmark. It was very beautiful when we got here, and I hope the journey will continue like this for a very long time!

I don’t have time to write more. We have to sail on!


Yesterday was tough. Proper tough. We sailed west, towards Trelleborg. The plan was to sail five to six hours, but in the end it took us like ten hours. The wind picked up a couple of hours after we left, and the waves got very big. Some of them broke against the boat and sent sprays of water over the person steering. It’s very hard to do anything when the boat is rocking and rolling, and we mostly sat silent, hungry and thirsty but without the energy to get anything done.

When the night was over us and the darkness made it hard to see we reached the harbour. I made some stupid mistakes and the wind pushed the boat more then what seemed appropiate. I drove the boat up on some shallow sandbanks and we almost got stuck. Luckily some people saw our problems and helped us out.

Now Im tired but i have to run some errands so Im on this bus heading for Malmö. Hopefully we an sail out tomorrow if the wind lets us. At the moment it does not look like it.

The spearcake


This is a Spettekaka, which i have chosen to translate as a spearcake. They make it in the southern region of Sweden with eggs, sugar and apparently some kind of spear on which the cake spins. Quite alright to be honest.

The history behind it is that my sister and her boyfriend showed up yesterday and to celebrate we ordered the spearcake for breakfast. The russian couchsurfer Dariya also showed up and we had a nice evening last night.


Today we got back to sailing after a couple of days on land. The winds were okay again and we made it to Ystad.


We’re stuck in a gale at the moment. In Kivik. It’s a beautiful place but the weather is making it a bit hard to enjoy. Yesterday we had some issues with mooring (I’m not sure that is the right word) the boat in a safe way, but it seems we managed in the end. In the evening the winds took a break and we could enjoy a good dinner, but now the gale is back it seems. I think it will be safe to move out after today. I really hope so, because I’m a bit stressed since I’m falling behind even more compared to the schedule.