Crew from couchsurfing

Welcome to any potential new reader! I’m looking for a nice crew that can make the voyage more entertaining. If you are interested, send me a message in any way!

Today I had contact with a company that might have a spare engine for the boat. I can’t afford a new one so I think the best is to get some spare parts in case I get problems with the current engine.


I’m back in Kramfors after a two week vacation. During this vacation of mine I managed to make a translation of the homepage and even get it working quite alright. Before doing this I thought it might be good to let people outside Sweden follow my/our progress in case they want to join. Well, someone might even be interested in just reading too I guess. We’ll see how much I will publish in English though.


Tomorrow I will borrow a bike from my dad and take a trip to Sofia. I did start planning for mapping the electric stuff today, and I’m eager to get started inside the boat.