From Tangier in English!

I will make a short post in English since this keyboard doesn’t support my mother toungue very well. I actually have a nice text going on my phone but with no wi-fi available, that masterpiece will have to wait. Hopefully it will just get better and riper whilst doing so.

Right now I find myself sitting in a freezing flat, shared between four to six students in Tangier. It’s pretty much unfurnished, except from some cushions where one can sit and freeze and write or eat or whatever. My host through couchsurfing, Anas, is chopping some onions and are preparing to cook something that hopefully will restore some of my long gone spirits.

For the first time in a while I really felt lonely today, and I was missing home. It is quite another culture here and I felt that I truly am a long way from home. It will be so nice to come back to friends and family, and if I had the chance (which I guess I had if I only opened my wallet) to fly home today, I would really consider taking it. But probably I would not. I still have to experience the desert. But after that I’m totally ready to fly back to the in some ways crazy chistmas celebrations!

It’s too bad Flora finally decided not to come. I do not look forward to riding a bus like 1000 kilometers alone down to the border to Algeria. The company would have made all the difference. I’m not totally certain why she took the decision to stay in Spain, but whatever the reason it is a bit sad. I will not despair though, maybe I get the opportunity to meet some other fellow traveller who can join my vigilant and epic adventure to the land of sand, camels and hopefully some more humane temperatures!

I realize that this English writing of mine is bringing forward another author then the usual Isak. This I have to contemplate later. I might have something to learn from this post or session. I will not go on further since Anas is requiring my assistance and my fingers are getting numb in this Arabic igloo, but I will likely publish the great story I have started on my phone tomorrow!

Med en vintrig och högtravande sensation i kroppen,